Motor Trade

Motor TradeYet again Enterprise Insurance is Wales’ largest insurance broker in this sector and represents most of the biggest dealers in South and West Wales along with the full range of private business that are involved in this industry such as servicing, repairs, sales etc.

As you would expect, Enterprise Insurance is very experienced in all aspects giving assistance and advice on:-

a) Security i.e. locks, barriers, alarms, CCTV and vehicle key security
b) Vehicle use procedures i.e. courtesy vehicles, demonstration vehicles, unaccompanied demonstration etc.
c) Management of the claims experience:

Enterprise Insurance has a dedicated claims team which achieves speedy settlements for our clients as well as managing third party settlements as appropriate.

As Wales’ leading Insurance Broker in this sector, Enterprise Insurance deals with all of the leading insurers and so can provide competitive quotations as well as guidance and advise to the benefits and differences in the policy cover offered by Insurers which do vary considerably.

If you would like more details or assistance then please contact us.