About Us

The satisfactory marketing of a Client’s insurance portfolio is the fundamental objective of any competent Insurance Broker and is a function to which we attach vital importance.

We ensure that the best cover and premium terms available are obtained for our clients with Insurers, who offer maximum security together with high quality technical and claims settlement services.

Enterprise Insurance will not negotiate terms with markets if, as a result of a detailed security analysis, we are not completely satisfied of their financial standing.

The most cost effective solution to a Client’s insurance needs is not necessarily the lowest premium. Insurers differ in their depth of expertise and thus the policy wordings they will put forward.  Our role is to determine and to purchase on our Client’s behalf the best available wordings at the most realistic cost.

Whilst it is easy to focus entirely on price it is vital that as well as having a competitive premium that this is supported by a wide policy cover without narrow restrictions or exclusions and is with an insurer of good financial standing that will pay claims quickly.

So beware – the cheapest is not always the best.

You can find the individual contact details of the Enterprise Insurance Services team by viewing the following team contact list.

Enterprise Insurance Team Contact List