Haulage Contractors

Haulage-ContractorsEnterprise Insurance is by far Wales’ largest Insurance Broker in this sector.

We have achieved this by assisting our clients to manage their risk exposure and their claims experience year in – year out.

A significant proportion of the vehicle insurance premiums is dependent upon the claims experience of the haulier where the holding and attacking Insurers react to an adverse claims experience with unnecessarily high premium

Enterprise Insurance has a dedicated claims team which achieves speedy settlements for our clients as well as managing third party settlements as appropriate.

Our close scrutiny and management of the claims experience ensures that an Insurers’ claims experience is not allowed to be inflated with unrealistic reserves which means that our premiums quoted are very competitive.

At the current time all overheads are critical for any Haulier but we can proudly say that we have negotiated sizeable premium reductions for all of our major clients over the last few years.

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